Hispano Round Table de Nuevo México




1. P – 12 College Readiness Partnerships: Address college readiness issues by all of us becoming active stakeholders and leaders in P-12 educational issues (for example, achievement gap, under-representation, drop out rates, etc.).

2. Undergraduate and Graduate Pathways: Design and maintain academic excellence pathways that are culturally sensitive for all under-graduate and graduate students.

3. Tenure – Track Faculty: Provide mechanisms to significantly increase the number of Hispano/Latino tenure track faculty on college and university campuses such as support of UNM’s recent commitment, associated with its Title V grant, to increase Hispanic/Latino faculty by at least 20 net hires over five years, and invite other colleges and universities to make similar commitments.

4 Staff Advancement: Create administrative advancement pathways, such as leadership academies now proposed to promote professional coaching and mentoring, with financial incentives for Hispano/Latino faculty and staff.

5 Parental Involvement: Develop family/parent enrichment programs, such as ENLACE Family Centers, to foster student academic excellence.

6. Community Collaborations: Sustain strong community (education, business, corporate and technological) partnerships via action plans, engagement strategies, progress reports and outcome measures.

7. Baselines and Benchmarks: Involve the faculty in establishing baselines and benchmarks by creating incentives for research that analyzes issues, interests and competencies pertinent to Hispano/Latino educational attainment.

8. Evaluation and Rewards: Promote greater transparency on accountability by aligning reward structures to student, staff and faculty recruitment, retention and advancement measures.

9. Status Reports: Commission status reports for Hispano/ Latino and all other people of color to determine baseline statistics for all university units and departments (including the Health Sciences Center, the branch campuses and athletics) and disaggregate the data on staff employees.

10. Publicity on Achievements and Deficiencies: Highlight and publicize the attainment of funding, personal achievements, and model programs that advance this community agenda for academic excellence as well as exposing and holding accountable those who make little or no progress in advancing this agenda.




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